Thank you for visiting our adoptable dogs page! Below are some of our amazing adoptable dogs, please click on their photos to view their full bio! If you are interested in pursuing adoption, please visit our “Applications” page and fill out the adoption application for processing. Thank you for visiting!

ADOPTABLES: Click here for adoption process.

   Angel Buster Doug Archer Petey Mollie  Petunia Benson Charlie Jasmine Xenia Teena Toby Penny Jack Mini Wendy Ryan Dian Chuck mika Ben Skylar Tammy Hunter shadow cliff aisa kinsa dennis donna felix murphy may march june joyce ellie edith candy chaya willy naomi lori kitty dove darling cora cindy kaylin kylee Doris Sony Libby jenny Charlie cooper Cindee Minna

APPLICATION PENDING: Applications are closed/pending review or on hold.

sammy emmerson

ADOPTION PENDING: Dogs currently on trial adoption and pending finalization.

Kama carol clark candance kenny barry january delica july vesta kira parker clara Sherlock carl beena jimmy Cyrus Yuki chloe kenya Pansy february emmy lucy